Calibration services Calibration Company Iraq Basra

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Arajeez Calibration services

 Calibration services Calibration Company Iraq Basra

 Arajeez Company (LLC), its management and employees shall provide calibration services that is in accordance with traceable methods and procedures, customer requirements and intended use, as stated in the quality manual and all supporting documentation. It is committed to give its customers the highest level of Quality and Professional service that adheres to the current laboratory standards, ISO/IEC 9001. It is also committed to the continuous improvement of this management system for total customer satisfaction.

Calibration services Calibration Company Iraq Basra

Arajeez Company is a registered Iraqi company located in Basrah, and we been offering calibration services to our clients for the past two years, We at ARAJEEZ Serve our clients through two calibration Laboratories, one is fixed located in company location, second is mobile to serve those client whom can not deliver equipment or its installed in sensitive facilities.

Calibration services Calibration Company Iraq Basra

Please find below the range of calibration services that ARAJEEZ currently providing:

Calibration services Calibration Company Iraq Basra

Dimensional Calibration

This important sector is designed to ensure that hand tools and measuring instrument give accurate results, Our strength in this sector will assets you and your organization to remove any risk not having precise reading out of your instrument which may lead to costly repair or design errors. read more

Pressure Calibration

Arajeez Engineering Company provides calibration for all kinds of pressure instrument which is preformed against very standards treatable to NIST, Frequntly calibrating your pressure instrument will insure the accuracy and precision of your instrument, read more.

Force Calibration

No matter if the mechanical force in form of tension or compression, measuring devices varies in shape but all have the same mechanism where mechanical interference to the instrument translate into visual reading equals to related to the interference, At Arajeez Engineering our capacity of tension is up to   3,888 kN and in compression is up to 2160 kN, read more

Torque Calibration

Arajeez Engineering Company provides calibration for all kinds of torque instrument , Proper maintaining and calibration of torque instrument will guarantee even wear on fasteners and prevent bolt heads from snap on , read more.

Electrical Calibration

For electrical and electronic calibration, Arajeez Engineering is your reliable source to accurate reading, read more

Temperature Calibration

Our Temperature calibration range from -31 Degree Celsius to 1500 degree Celsius,  , read more.

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Mobile: 00964 7800 999 220 - 00964 7713 171 131
Address: Said Amin Street, Al Baradyiah,  Basra, Iraq
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